IMAGE: Liverpool’s squad value compared to the rest of Europe’s elite revealed

The data was compiled by eToro.


A new study by eToro has shown Liverpool’s combined squad value when compared to several of Europe’s big clubs.

eToro’s ‘The Football Investment Report’ has compiled data on club’s overall squad value, money made from transfer sales, how club’s have increased the value of players they signed and which clubs are better at this than others.

eToro’s own summary of the report states;

“The Football Investment report looks at how football clubs in Europe’s top leagues conduct their business when it comes to transfers and the development of talent, showing how certain approaches can be directly linked to well-established retail investing strategies”.

Liverpool have one of the most valuable squads in world football, worth £816.7 million pounds. Liverpool’s squad was purchased for a combined £622 million, meaning Liverpool have increased the value of their squad by £194.7 million.

Bayern Munich have a squad value of £873.4 million.

The below graph shows the clubs that have grown the value of their squads the most in Europe.


Liverpool’s ability to increase the value of their squad is low compared to some of Europe’s top clubs. Arsenal have increased their squad value by £238.1 million. AC Milan have increased their squad’s value by £281.5 million.

Bayern Munich’s squad value has been increased by a massive £480 million compared to what they paid to purchase the same players.

There is no question that Liverpool have valuable assets that they can make a profit on if they choose to sell in order to fund a big squad overhaul in the summer.


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