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‘I’m at a point now’ – Curtis Jones details what has changed for him this season

Despite his age, Jones has already racked up over 100 appearances for Liverpool.

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Curtis Jones is enjoying a stellar 2023/24 season so far.

Besides that harsh red card against Tottenham Hotspur, the 22-year-old has barely put a foot wrong.

Jurgen Klopp has recognized this too and has already given the midfielder plenty of game time this season – that’s when he has been available of course.

Jones has made 9 appearances this season and would likely have been more if it was not for the aforementioned dismissal and few fitness issues.

Still only 22, the academy graduate has been at Anfield since 17 and has made over 100 appearances for LFC.

Despite being young in age, Curtis Jones has admitted that he is now an ‘experienced player’ due to his involvement with the first team over a number of years:

“There has been a huge change in the team and I’m one of the ones who has been here – it’s mad to say, I’m only 22 – but I’ve been here [since] 17,” said Jones in the most recent ‘We are Liverpool’ podcast.

“There’s lads who are coming in now and it’s their first time around the team, so I’m like an experienced one who has been around the whole of the thing for a long time.”

“So, yeah, even though I’m young I do feel like I’m one of the experienced ones and know how the manager and staff like [us] to go and play.”

“He’s spoken about it a lot the way I’m the first one to go and press and things like that.”

“Now, I was a kid who came in and pressing and defending were never a thing for me! ‘No, I don’t need that part of the game.’”

“Now that he’s picking up on it loads and he’s spoken about it, just goes to show how much that I’ve actually changed.”

There was a point in time when Jones’ future at Anfield was not quite so secure, with Jurgen Klopp and his staff worried about his progression a few seasons back.

Nonetheless, Liverpool’s N0.17 knuckled down and got to work, and it’s fair to say he is reaping in the benefits now:

“I feel I’m at a point now where he [Klopp] understands, ‘OK, we can bring him on if the team is getting beat because we know he can pop up with a goal or he can create something.

“‘He can start in a big game because we know what we’ll get from him is going to be hard work, he will go and press.'”

“So, I feel like I’ve gained his trust. But I’ve still got a long way to go.”

“I’m on 100 games but I feel it’s just the beginning and I want to just carry on and hold the form and keep it going.” 

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