Ian Wright on Darwin Nunez: “He will cause an unbelievable amount of problems”

Ian Wright has given his verdict on the Uraguayan.

Credit: Getty Images

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has heaped praise on Darwin Nunez in his first Premier League season. Some have raised question marks over Nunez’s finishing, but Wright, one of the best strikers in Premier League history, believes Nunez will achieve great things at Liverpool.

The Uruguayan recently returned from injury and was electric in last weekend’s win against Everton. He assisted Mohamed Salah who scored Liverpool’s opener.

Ian Wright spoke on his podcast Wrighty’s House and waxed lyrical about Nunez’s recent form.

“I feel it is going to happen for him as he is playing sensationally. The goal he set up for Salah [against Everton] and his all-round energetic pace and output, he is doing everything except scoring.⁣”

“I can’t put my finger on why someone with such good technical ability, it’s not even a case of needing to slow down before he shoots, it just doesn’t seem like it is going to go in for him at the moment.⁣”

“The fact he is not scoring as frequently as he would like to score, you have to get yourself in a situation where you can hit the target instantly.⁣..”

“I am desperate for him to score. He is trying to shoot from angles that are not good angles. Darwin Nunez’s touches at that pace are phenomenal, that’s why I am desperate for it to click. When it clicks, I think he will cause an unbelievable amount of problems.⁣⁣”

“When it comes to strikers, I can’t help but side with them. The one I sided with for so long was Torres back at Chelsea, I had to stay with that – and I’m doing that with Darwin Nunez at the minute.”

High praise coming from an ex-striker the calibre of Ian Wright. It feels as though pundits have put the £85 million price tag to the back of their minds and are starting to see Nunez for player he is, and for the massive potential he has to become one of the Premier League’s elite strikers.

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