Ian Wright explains why Manchester City’s FFP case is a ‘sad situation’

Manchester City continue to have an ominous cloud overhead after Everton and Nottingham Forest where charged by the Premier League this week.

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The Premier League was once again rocked this week after Nottingham Forest and Everton were charged this week by the Premier League

The two sides were charged with the Premier League’s breaching profit & sustainability rules.

Everton have already been docked 10 points for an infringement earlier this season, and now may face further points deductions.

While the exact punishment for the rule breaches are not official yet, it’s expected that both sides will suffer points deductions.

Much discourse and dialogue has been made over Manchester City’s own impending FFP case.

The reigning European champions have been charged with over 100 breaches to their name at present.

City are accused of breaching 115 regulations over the course of 14 seasons from the start of the 2009/2010 campaign.

Richard Masters, Premier League CEO, has confirmed that date for the trial has been set, although it will not be publicly disclosed ahead of time:

“There is a date set for that proceeding. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when that is but that is progressing.”

“I can’t give any details on Man City beyond saying a date has been set, I can’t tell you when that date is.”

Many eager onlookers would no doubt want to know the fate of Manchester City and if indeed discrepancies exist to be proven.

Manchester City and Pep Guardiola have vehemently denied any wrongdoing from the beginning of the saga.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has now raised a very good point as to how this ‘ominous cloud’ is taking away from the sporting achievements of the Cityzens.

What did Ian Wright say about Manchester City?

Discussing Man City’s FFP situation, Ian Wright, Jamie Carragher, and Gary Neville spoke on the Overlap revealing their thoughts.

Wright said:

“The sad situation that we find ourselves in, and the Manchester City players find themselves in, is that as a team, arguably playing some of the greatest football we’ve ever seen in the Premier League.”

“With the players achieving unbelievable things, the owners of that club owe it to the players to clear their name.”

“All those achievements, for example, we were waxing lyrical about Kevin De Bruyne, all of that will be tainted for him if they do not sort this out – they owe it those players to clear this up.”

Manchester City have just come off the back of a treble-winning campaign, as well as all the success they have enjoyed in the past half-decade.

Therefore, Wright raises a very fair point, that the City players could feel their success isn’t warranted if their club is found guilty.

In other news, Liverpool-linked defensive target has reportedly rejected Newcastle United advances.

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