How will the new Anfield Road stand be paid for?

An explanation on Anfield Road stand cost and how the expansion will be paid for.

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Liverpool supporters are inquisitive about Liverpool’s expansion of the stadium, with the new Anfield Road stand a massive talking point.

James Pearce, of The Athletic, gave fans the opportunity to ask him questions of which he presented the answers in his Liverpool mailbag.

A fan asked: “Is the Anfield Road extension now pretty much paid for? How much extra revenue is it expected to generate?”

Firstly, Pearce revealed how much it would cost and how it’s going to be spread out.

The £80million ($97m) cost of the Anfield Road redevelopment is being spread out. The recently published accounts for last season showed that total investment in tangible assets for that period was £23.4m. I’d expect to see another sizeable chunk of the cost in the next set of accounts,”

He then went on to explain how the Anfield Road stand is being funded, and how the Main Stand expansion, in 2016, is different.

“Liverpool are using their existing banking facilities to pay for it rather than what happened with the new £110m Main Stand in 2016 where FSG provided a low-interest loan which is being gradually repaid. The outstanding balance for that currently stands at £71.4m.”

Pearce then proceeded to answer the second part of the question surrounding the monetary benefits the club will receive through the expansion, paying close attention to cup progression.

“In terms of how much extra the new stand will generate per season, it’s obviously heavily linked to how far Liverpool go in the various cup competitions,”

He, however, reassured fans that, when reflecting on last season’s matchday revenue, that the expansion will see a healthy increase in revenue.

“Last season’s record matchday revenue (£87million) was so high because they had so many home matches. But with 7,000 extra seats from the start of next season taking capacity to 61,000, it’s reasonable to think they will generate an extra £7m to £10m per year.”

The new stand at Anfield will be unveiled before the start of next season, with ticket allocations explained here.

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