Guardiola bizarrely refers to Steven Gerrard as he defends Manchester City

Guardiola was speaking ahead of the Aston Villa game.

During Pep Guardiola’s defence of Manchester City in his pre match press conference he referred to Steven Gerrard’s slip against Chelsea.

“We are responsible for Steven Gerrard’s slipping”, he said ironically.

Guardiola bizarrely referred to Gerrard as he continues to defend Manchester City.

Previous comments from Guardiola resurfaced this week where he said he would leave Manchester City if they were found guilty of wrongdoing.

Guardiola said, “Why did I defend the club and the people? It’s because I work with them.

“When they are accused of something I ask them, ‘Tell me about that’. They explain and I believe them. I said to them, ‘If you lie to me, the day after I am not here.’ I will be out and I will not be your friend anymore.

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