Former Manchester City advisor believes the club will be relegated if found guilty of FFP charges

Manchester City are accused of breaching over 100 FFP regulations over the course of 14 seasons from the start of the 2009/2010 campaign.

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Manchester City still await a trial and verdict over their alleged breaches exceeding 100 separate instances of infringement.

Everton and Nottingham Forest were penalized this week for violating the FFP regulations of the English Premier League, which sent shockwaves through the league.

This is the second time that the Toffees have been charged by the Premier League. The club were docked ten points in November.

Naturally, minds have started to wander to Manchester City, and when exactly they will face justice for any of the accusations put forth.

City are accused of breaching 115 regulations over the course of 14 seasons from the start of the 2009/2010 campaign.

One of the major issues made against City is the inaccurate disclosure of its financial information, especially in relation to its earnings from sponsorships and running expenses.

When the trial eventually gets underway, it will be the biggest case relating to FFP and breaches in Premier League history.

Now former Manchester City lawyer and advisor Stefan Borson has made some big claims about what could happen to the Cityzens in the event they are found guilty.

What did Stefan Borson say about Manchester City?

Speaking on TalkSport, Stefan Borson outlined why there is a difference between City and the Nottingham Forest/Everton cases:

“The scale is on a completely different level.”

“There’s no question, if those charges are proven, this will end in at least relegation!”

“There is a suggestion of conspiracy over a ten-year period.”

“They’re suggesting that City’s main sponsorship agreements are not for £50-60million but are for actually £8m and the whole thing was a sham and a whole load of people lied.”

“A whole load of executives from multiple companies were in on it.”

“The club also lied to multiple parties, professionals, people doing due diligence on the company, the league, UEFA, the FA.”

However, Borson then admitted that he feels that Manchester City will clear their name:

“I think they will clear their name because a case of this nature has to have a level of cogent proof which seems to me impossible to present to independent commission.”

“Furthermore it seems to me highly unlikely that the conduct that is alleged has taken place over a ten year period with the sorts of individuals that are involved in the club.”

“That also will be the starting of the independent commission.”

“For any court or tribunal, to suggest that this number of people have been this dishonest is a massive call.”

So, it seems the scale and time period of the alleged charges make it hard to prove conclusively.

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting perspective on the Manchester City FFP case and what exactly makes it so complicated.

Those at Anfield and all the other Premier League clubs will likely be watching advancements in this saga very closely over the next 12 months.

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