Former Liverpool star jokes about removing Weghorst’s fingerprints from Anfield sign

Ex-Liverpool striker publicly mocks Manchester United’s Wout Weghorst in joke Twitter post

Image Credits: Getty Images.

Controversy following Liverpool’s dismantling of Manchester United arose as Wout Weghorst was seen tapping the “This is Anfield” sign as the two teams walked out of the tunnel.

This is usually a touching sentiment for Liverpool fans and players, to showcase what it means to them to play for such a huge club.

There was an uproar among Manchester United fans as this move was seen as ‘distasteful’, with rumours of Weghorst being a boyhood Reds fan flying about, too.

It has since been revealed that Weghorst touched the sign in order to ‘wind up’ fellow countryman Virgil van Dijk.

Ex-Liverpool striker John Aldridge was recently at Anfield for an Alzheimers Society event and made a joke about his fingerprints saying, ‘they don’t belong here’.

With a cloth in his hand, Aldridge made light of the situation and posted a snap on Twitter of him using a wipe to supposedly remove the Dutchman’s fingerprints from the infamous sign exactly where he touched it on the weekend.

The 64-year-old scored 63 goals for Liverpool in his two-year stint at the club between 1987-1989.

As expected, it has done the rounds on social media, and Liverpool supporters are in full support of Aldridge’s funny gesture.

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