Finance expert provides update on the sale of Liverpool

Powell was speaking on the Blood Red Podcast on YouTube.

Football business writer Dave Powell has stayed that there has yet to be any official bids for Liverpool FC.

Powell was speaking on the Blood Red: Liverpool FC YouTube channel, and offered an update on the current situation at Liverpool.

He said: “What I’ve been told repeatedly by people who would know, nobody has shown their hand. Nobody has come to the table. Nobody has said, ‘Here’s X amount of money for the football club’.

“There’s been no high-level discussion held as yet. If anything, FSG were kind of fighting a few fires in Boston in December, so the LFC sale focus hasn’t really been top of their agenda. It’s something which they are exploring.

“It would be hard to make a case for them to still be competitive owners if they weren’t to make significant investment this summer, because it’s quite obvious that this is a Liverpool team in dire need of investment in key areas that will be expensive, and it will need the bill footing, so the summer will be very, very telling.”

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