EXCL: Qatari journalist provides update on the Liverpool sale

Mohammed Saeed Alkaabi provided an exclusive update to us.

Big news is coming out of Qatar with news that Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) are no longer looking to invest in Liverpool Football Club due to the prospect of not having majority control of the club.

According to Mohammed Saeed Alkaabi, a Qatari journalist who we have spoken exclusively to for more details on the story, the reason that QSI has pulled out of the Liverpool deal is because they do not want a minority stake in the club.

Of course, Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) have also been linked to buying the club.

In conversation with us, Mohammed Saeed Alkaabi has informed us that QSI ‘want Liverpool’ but they do not want a 49% stake.

Alkaabi told us that QSI were offered a 49% stake of Liverpool but they want a controlling stake.

The Qatari journalist reported earlier today on Twitter that the QSI want more than 50% of Liverpool FC.

RMC Sport provided an update on the latest situation at Manchester United today.

Now Mohammed Saeed Alkaabi has suggested this is one of the reasons the Qataris have looked elsewhere after showing interest in Liverpool initially, they do not want a minority stake only and therefore Manchester United have become an option for them instead.

Alex Miller has provided a similar update to Mohammed Saeed Alkaabi today.


There has been conflicting reports if QSI could buy a Premier League club due to its links to French giants Paris Saint Germain.

Kaveh Solhekol has provided an insight on how PSG’s owners could be involved in ownership without violating any rules. He told Sky Sports midweek, “Yeah, there are UEFA rules that say, you know, the same owners can’t have two clubs in one competition,” he told Sky Sports.

“But PSG is owned by Qatari Sports Investment, which is part of the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar.

“Now, QSI wouldn’t be able to own 100 percent of Manchester United as well as PSG and have both sides playing in the Champions League. But there is nothing to stop another high net-worth individual in Qatar or another investment group or company in Qatar [from] buying Manchester United.”

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