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Everton points deduction to be discussed in UK Parliament

Their points deduction leaves the club at serious risk of relegation.

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Everton received the biggest points deduction in Premier League history last week as the Premier League stripped 10 points from the Toffees for financial rule breaches.

It leaves Everton with just four points, second bottom in the league and at serious risk of relegation.

The BBC now report that the case is set to be discussed in the House of Commons as the issue of safe-guarding the future of football clubs becomes more pressing.

Labour MP for West Derby, Ian Byrne has tabled an early day motion (EDM) in the House of Commons which will be out forth this week for other MPs to discuss.

Byrne lamented the news, stating, “This House condemns the grossly unjust points deduction imposed on Everton Football Club by a Premier League commission.

“A punishment lacking any legal or equitable foundation or justification for the level of sanction and notes that financial, not sporting penalties, for far more severe breaches have been applied.

“[The motion] declares that sporting sanctions unfairly punish supporters and notices the improper dismissal of extraordinary mitigating circumstances outlined by Everton.”

This week, Mayor of Liverpool Steve Rotheram penned a letter to the Premier League, in which Rotheram expressed his support for Everton’s appeal against the decision.

“While I understand, and indeed support, the importance of maintaining discipline and upholding the integrity of the sport, it is crucial to ensure that any punitive measures are proportionate and just. I do not believe that this punishment fits the crime.

“I completely support the club’s appeal and would urge you to take a more lenient approach and consider alternative forms of punishment that do not unfairly penalise the club’s players and supporters.”

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