Developments in the Manchester City FFP case could occur sooner than expected

A date has already been set for Manchester City and their FFP case, but developments could emerge as soon as next week.

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Yesterday (Tuesday), news broke that the Premier League have already confirmed a date for Manchester City and their FFP case.

However, it was claimed that the date would not be publicly revealed due to the sensitive nature of the case.

Richard Masters, executive director of the Premier League, said at a Culture, Media and Sport Committee yesterday that indeed a date had been set:

“The volume and character of the charges laid before Man City, which I cannot talk about at all, are being heard in a completely different environment.”

“There is a date set for that proceeding. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when that is but that is progressing.”

“I can’t give any details on Man City beyond saying a date has been set, I can’t tell you when that date is.”

With Nottingham Forest and Everton’s attracting trouble for their FFP breaches, many have wondered when Man City will face any judgment for their alleged breaches.

Developments in the Manchester City FFP case could be coming soon

The Telegraph have reported that ‘there will be developments as early as next week’.

However, the exact nature of these ‘developments’ are unclear at this early stage.

Murray Rosen KC, the head of the Premier League’s judicial panel, appointed an independent commission to hear the matter.

The committee will notify the parties of its judgment on the proposed date.

In accordance with league regulations, the Premier League website announces all decisions made by independent commissions.

It’s expected that notice will be given to both parties—City and the Premier League—before the decision is made public.

Although how much notice is never made public.

The reigning European champions have been charged with over 100 breaches to their name at present.

City are accused of breaching 115 regulations over the course of 14 seasons from the start of the 2009/2010 campaign.

Accurate financial information disclosure is one of the complaints levied against City.

In particular, with respect to its revenue such as sponsorship revenue and its operating costs.

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