Darwin Nunez reveals which Liverpool player has the worst fashion sense

Darwin Nunez and Luis Diaz revealed who they think is the best dressed in the current squad while the Uruguayan exposed the worst.

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Darwin Nunez and Luis Diaz both agree on which Liverpool man is the best dressed in the Liverpool squad.

However, the Uruguayan also made sure to let everyone know who he thinks the worst dressed is too.

The Liverpool squad know a thing or two about style as evidenced by their pre-training ‘fit pics’ frequently posted on the club’s social media channels.

The Premier League featured Darwin Nunez and Luis Diaz in The Friendship Test today, where they were asked to name the best dressed Liverpool player:

“Curtis,” answered Nunez with Luis Diaz concurring: “I do think Curtis dresses well.”

However, the Uruguayan then went on to expose Diogo Jota, saying:

“He [Curtis] dresses well. The worst one is Diogo Jota!”

“No, no, no!” laughed Diaz as he attempted to save some face.

Curtis Jones is one of the younger players in the squad, so it would make some sense why they would pick him.

It seems that the pair share a good relationship from the video put out today, and it’s a great thing to see.

The Reds now have quite a diverse set of players hailing from South America, with Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay represented in Klopp’s ranks.

Liverpool are next in action against Bournemouth this coming Sunday at 16:30 GMT – with a big Dominik Szoboszlai injury update emerging ahead of the clash.

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