Carragher still doesn’t think Liverpool will get top 4

Carragher praises 7-0 win but says Liverpool still have a lot to do to qualify for the Champions League

Credit: Sky Sports

Ex Liverpool centre back, Jamie Carragher still thinks Tottenham are in a better position to finish in fourth place.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Carragher said:

“I still favor Tottenham for top four, because I’ve actually looked right at the fixture list and they’ve got a lot more favorable fixtures than Liverpool do.

“When you see Liverpool put in a performance like that, you think how have they been that bad for that much of the season? It’s an embarrassing result for United. When you win by six or seven, it’s almost like United become the story. For Liverpool, it gives them a huge lift in getting them into the top four.

“Getting in the top four will be huge in terms of recruitment. Next week away at Bournemouth won’t be easy, and then they’ve got a really tough week.”

Liverpool sit in 5th place three points behind Spurs with a game in hand.

Goal difference may come into the equation on the last day, with Liverpool having +19 while Spurs are on +10.


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