Carragher: “Klopp hasn’t accepted player’s decline”

Liverpool legend believes two of Liverpool’s stars should be moved on to refresh the squad

Image Credits: Getty Images

Jamie Carragher has written an exclusive post for The Telegraph in which he states his worry around Jurgen Klopp and his persistence with certain players – including a couple of star players.

In his article Carragher says, “Klopp has openly said Liverpool need to refresh and reset, but he seems unwilling to accept Firmino’s declining influence and increasing injury problems, while Milner has been a bit part player for years”.

Roberto Firmino has become a legend of Liverpool Football Club due to his performances as part of the star studded front three that included Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, leading Liverpool to unprecedented levels of successful over the past years.

And James Milner has been a stellar signing for The Reds, filling in across multiple positions since his transfer to the club from Manchester City.

Clearly, there’s an inference in Carragher’s piece that Jurgen Klopp should look to move both players on as quickly as possible. And the fact that Carragher has gone to the lengths of writing it out, clearly shows that he believes that both players will likely extend their contracts and that worries him.

Several reports have already emerged indicating that Firmino will be extending his stay at Liverpool, with his agent seemingly suggesting the same.

It remains to be seen whether Klopp and the higher-ups at Liverpool will pay any attention to what Carragher had to say in relation to both players.

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