Breaking: Manchester City among clubs who could face relegation from Premier League

The Times reported the news.

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News has emerged today that Everton have been deducted 10 points by the Premier League for breaching financial rules.

Now, according to The Times via Sky Sports, Manchester City and Chelsea are among the clubs that could be threatened a 30-point deduction or automatic relegation should charges be proved in an independent regulatory commision.

Earlier this year, Manchester City were charged with over 100 financial rule breaches.

Chelsea faced scrutiny of the same kind when Roman Abramovich was the owner of the club and were banned from making transfers for some time.

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Everton will certainly be an interested party when the outcomes of the investigations into Manchester City and Chelsea are finalised.

Pep Guardiola said in February:

“My first thought is we’re already being condemned. It’s the same with UEFA, we were already condemned. The club proved we were completely innocent. You know on what side I am,” said Guardiola.

“We are lucky we live in a country where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It seems like we have already been sentenced. What is going to happen, I don’t know.

“We think we have good lawyers and I we are going to defend our position. Time will depend what happens. We will see what a judge, the Premier League decides. In the same way with Uefa, we are innocent.”

“In this country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Uefa’s sentence wasn’t even that. It is now down to the lawyers of both sides to defend one side and the other one.

“It will be longer than one month, two months and three months. We know what happened with Uefa and we will see that.”

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