Ben Davies opens up on his time at Liverpool and said the experience ‘opened his eyes’

Davies failed to make a single competitive appearance for Liverpool.

Ben Davies has opened up on his time at Liverpool.

He was speaking to The Scottish Herald. Davies was signed from Preston by Jurgen Klopp but failed to make a competitive appearance. Despite this Liverpool doubled their money when he was sold to Rangers.

It will go down as one of the most unusual transfers under Klopp’s tenure.

“When I went to Liverpool I couldn’t get many minutes in the team. So when they were building up the team, doing 30 minutes, 45, 60 then 90, I was getting five or 10.”

“So when I went on loan to Sheffield United and then here [Rangers], I had to go from getting five to getting 90 minutes.”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity [at Liverpool] and the experience. It opened my eyes to the top level and what the best players do, day in day out.”

“It gave me life experience and now coming into Rangers off the back of it it’s definitely helped because I think if I’d come here without that step to Liverpool it would have been a big eye-opener.”

Davies admitted at Liverpool he seen how elite players and teams operate.

“What did I take from it? I took from it how the elite people and teams in the world operate, how they prepare and the standards that are required around the whole club. That rubs off on you even when you’re not playing. You benefit from that.”

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