Barcelona chief Deco calls for ‘radical change’ with Jurgen Klopp mentioned

Barcelona will likewise be without a manager come the end of the season after Xavi announced his intention to step down.

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Barcelona sporting director Deco has once again been quizzed on Jurgen Klopp and the soon-to-be vacant manager role at Barcelona.

Xavi followed Jurgen Klopp in announcing his intention to step down as Barcelona manager come the end of the season.

With Jurgen Klopp also leaving Anfield, speculation has been mounting as to whether the German would consider managing the Catalan club.

The German however has already made it clear that he aims to take at least one year’s break from managing.

It’s highly unlikely that the 56-year-old would cite lack of energy as the main motivator for his decision and the go to manage Barcelona the very next season.

Therefore, it seems a move to the Spanish giant can be ruled out for now.

What did Barcelona man Deco say about Jurgen Klopp?

Speaking in an interview with Nascer Do Sol, the former Chelsea man confessed that things needed to change at Barcelona to address the issues both on and off the pitch.

Barcelona have been struggling financially for a couple of years now, and have also consistently fallen short in European competition as well:

“A radical change is needed,” Deco began.

“There is a method that is finished. The president is with me.”

“We need to find someone who breaks up with the past and moves towards a new model.”

“Klopp? He says he wants to take a break from coaching for a while,” Deco reasoned.

“The Liverpool boss wants to take some time out of the game having been in such an intense job for so long, though he has not ruled out returning to football at some point in the future once he has recharged.”

It’s fair to say Deco knows that Jurgen Klopp is not an option for next season.

However, it seems the Barca sporting director is keeping an eye on the German for the future.

Klopp will no doubt see the Catalan club as an appealing option should he make a return to management.

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