Amazon Prime release hilarious Trent-Alexander Arnold and Andy Robertson video

Trent and Robbo star in Amazon Prime comedic video

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Sport Video

Liverpool full-back duo have teamed up off the pitch in for an Amazon Prime video titled Make Me Smile: Liverpool edition.

Amazon Prime Video Sport have released a five-minute clip on their Twitter and Liverpool supporters are loving it so far! You can watch it below:


The pair are wearing cameras on their head and attempt to make the other laugh in a series of challenges, where the idea is where the player gets a point on the board if they make their opponent laugh.

The challenges consist of impressions of their teammates, a stare down, dad jokes, a drawing segment and lastly, where they face the task of making noises to crack each other up.

Andrew Robertson has been branded the class clown in the Liverpool dressing room so it’s no surprise he’s been tasked with this – it’s a great watch.

Have you watched the video yet, and what do you think of it?

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