Aleksandar Mitrovic names Liverpool defender as his most difficult opponent

The Serbian has scored 11 Premier League goals this season.

Credit: Getty Images

Fulham striker Aleksandar Mitrovic has named Virgil Van Dijk, along with John Terry, as the hardest player he has had to play against in an interview with Sky Sports.

The Serbian named Van Dijk and Terry as his two toughest opponents that he has faced in his eight-year spell in the Premier League. The former Newcastle man has played against some of the best defenders in the competitions history in that time.

Mitrovic said, “I played against a lot of good defenders, but if I had to pick one it would probably be John Terry or Van Dijk. Ok they played for top teams, but they make it hard for you to even get the ball and to get in position to get the ball. They talk a lot, they’re tough. You feel them there, sometimes it’s not nice to play against them.”

Mitrovic found some success against Van Dijk earlier in the season, scoring 2 goals against Liverpool in a 2-2 draw at Craven Cottage earlier in the season.

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