Liverpool title winner ‘not sure’ if this will be his last season playing

Jurgen Klopp does not have many of his title playing side left at Liverpool anymore.

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Liverpool were one of the best-performing sides to win the Premier League when they stormed to the top of the table in the early stages of the 2019/20 campaign.

Jurgen Klopp had made a relentless machine who were eager to go one better after missing out on the title by one point in the season before.

In their first 27 league games, they were unbeaten but the more impressive stat was the fact they had won 26 of those games as it was clear that they were going to go on to end the 30-year wait for an English league title.

Plenty of players played their past even those even those who had to take on less minutes after being key players in the early years of Klopp’s reign.

One player who excelled at exactly that was Adam Lallana as he took on a new deep-lying playmaker role in that season and he stood out with one of his best performances coming against Aston Villa when Liverpool won thanks to two late goals.

During that campaign, Lallana only played 22 games in all competitions before he left to join Brighton & Hove Albion but he was heavily appreciated by supporters for the role he played.

Adam Lallana is unsure on whether he will retire at the end of this season

In a recent interview peaking to My Albion TV the former England international has been speaking about what lies ahead of him in the future as he is now 35-years-old.

“When I was injured last year, he (De Zerbi) said, ‘Just shadow me for four months’,” Lallana said as he looks to start a coaching career once his playing days are over.

He continued: “I was in his office before games, after games. Telling me about the team, what he wants to do, who he’s going to play there.

“Just hearing that and being in those situations is great learning. I feel I helped his initial bedding-in period. I helped him a lot get his message across to the group.

“I’ve had that as a skill throughout my career. I remember when Mauricio (Pochettino) came to Southampton, when Jurgen came to Liverpool, I always had the ability to get the manager’s messages across to the players and that was kind of the same here.”

He then went onto to describe how is interest in coaching first started, as he said: “It probably started at Liverpool where my game-time wasn’t… I had a lot of injuries and you start to see the game differently. You start to think about you might not always be a player.

“And then you get to your thirties and you’re like, ‘Woah, it is coming to an end sooner or later’, so you start thinking differently. Getting your message across and helping young players.”

The midfielder has played 17 games so far this campaign and when asked if this will be his last he was hesistant to give a defnitive answer.

Lallana said: “I‘m doing my badges now so at the end of the season I’ll have my ‘B’ and my ‘A’. It’ll be difficult to do my ‘Pro’ while I’m still playing.

“I will get to the end of the season first and see what happens with my playing career. I’m not sure if this will be my last year playing, but that is a conversation later in the season.”

Overall for Liverpool Lallana played 178 games whilst scoring 22 goals and getting 22 assists.

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