A TV crew will follow Jurgen Klopp during his final few months at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp will be leaving Liverpool in 2024.

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The news that Jurgen Klopp is departing Liverpool at the end of this current season would have shocked fans across the globe and many in the football media due to just how well The Reds have been doing so far in this campaign.

They are still on course to at least win four major trophies this season and now they have more reason to do that to give Klopp the best send-off possible.

He is one of the most loved managers in Liverpool’s history due to the success he brought to the club after a long time whilst also being so suited to the people of this city which he made clear is one of the biggest reasons why he has loved his time at the club.

Klopp has never said yes though to giving fans a little but of behind-the-scenes access like Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal have done in the past with documentaries.

However, that is now set to change due to a recent report suggesting one could be on its way.

A documentary will be made for the last months of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool

It has now been revealed that a TV crew will follow the German coach in his last few months as Liverpool manager to make a documentary about his time at the club.

Cameras will be allowed access into Anfield and at the training ground to get as much footage as they can to create a documentary for fans of football all round the world.

It has been reportedly said: “Jurgen has vetoed fly on the wall type documentaries in the past, but he was ok with this.”

The footage may even show some of Liverpool’s search for a new manager to come in and face the mammoth task of replacing Klopp.

Back in 2012 was the last time Liverpool had any sort of documentary about what was happening behind the scenes as the cameras picked up what life was like under Brendan Rodgers.

Klopp though has never wanted something like that at the club with some worries players potentially acting up to the cameras but the players have earned his trust and more over the last few years so he is happy for this to go ahead.

He is set to take a break for at least a year but the German said that right now he cannot see himself managing another team but one thing that is for sure is that he will never manager another side in England due to his loyalties to Liverpool.

It is set to be an emotional time for Klopp and supporters when he does finally say goodbye at Anfield against Wolves but the hope will be he has two cup finals after that last league game.

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