Jurgen Klopp: “I didn’t become a bad manager overnight”

Klopp spoke to the media ahead of today’s FA Cup clash with Brighton.

Credit: Liverpoolfc.com

Jurgen Klopp has attempted to make sense of Liverpool’s uneven form this season and has apologized to supporters, who would have expected more from the team after how well they did last season in all competitions.

Klopp’s men won the two domestic cups, the FA Cup and League Cup, went all the way to Champions League final and challenged for the Premier League title right up until the end of the season, losing out to Manchester City by just one point.[tps_header][/tps_header][tps_title][/tps_title]

Klopp has spoken to Planet Sport, where the German has suggested the intensity of last season, in which his team played every possible game that they were eligible to play, has negativily impacted the team this season, leaving the squad somewhat exhausted and not fully recovered from last season’s remarkable efforts.

“I knew it would be difficult, absolutely. Last year was super-intense, much longer than we could have expected because who expects to get into four finals?” said the German.

“That it would be difficult was clear but with lesser injuries we could easily have four or five points more.

“We still don’t play a brilliant season but we would be around fighting for the Champions League and that’s a normal season.

“I didn’t become a bad manager overnight; I was never as good as people probably said and not as bad as some people might think.

“But imagine we win all four and I say, ‘see you all later’. Imagine you see a different face here and he tells you all these things. No one would listen.

“It’s tough, I’m sorry, but we will go for it with all we have to get out of it and then to do it in a way that people can’t wait to go to the stadium again.

“How you behave and how you deal with the situation in these moments decides about the future as well.”

“Legacy? Ten years, 20 years you will look back and say it was absolutely great, and I enjoyed it and there was a final here and it was close there,” he added ahead of the FA Cup trip to Brighton.

But the Liverpool boss made it clear that he does not dwell on past glories.

“Who cares about that now? I couldn’t care less. I don’t think for a second that we won the Champions League. In years (to come) I will think about it.

“The tough stuff is to explain something which is not very positive. But who wants to have these conversations because it sounds like excuses – which I don’t go for.”

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