Andy Robertson describes season as ‘no where near good enough’

Robertson spoke to ITV at full-time

Scotland international Andy Robertson spoke to ITV after Brighton’s victory yesterday and gave a frank account of where Liverpool are at right now.

The left-back described Liverpool’s season as ‘no where near good enough’, something we can all agree on.

Robertson often faces the cameras after defeat and he should be applauded for doing so. However it is action Liverpool fans want to see now, despite Robertson’s honest interview.

Speaking at full-time Robertson said:

“At a club like Liverpool, fans expect a lot and to lose with the last kick of the ball, it’s disappointing. We need to start winning games. It’s easy to say but harder to fix.

“This season has been nowhere near good enough. At the start of the year we wanted a fresh start but that hasn’t happened. We’ve been worse. In the league we haven’t been good enough and now we’re out of both cups.

“You can’t put your finger on one thing, it’s more than that. You can tell we’re not as confident in front of goal and in defence we are a wee bit open. We had two clean sheets coming into today but then go and concede two goals.”

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