Thiago has been Liverpool’s stand out performer this season

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Liverpool are languishing in 9th position in the Premier League and unlike recent season’s there are not many players who have played to their ability – even Allison has looked shaky at times.

Thiago has been one player that has performed well. We took a look at his statistics using the football data site Comparisonator among other players in similar positions in the Premier League. Thiago excels in most areas compared to his competition. He ranks first in defensive actions. He is averaging nearly 20 defensive actions per game, maybe not be a good sign for the side overall considering the pressure Jurgen Klopp’s men are coming under.

When it comes to successful defensive actions Thiago also ranks ahead of anyone else. Again, if Liverpool were in control of the game more Thiago would have less to do, but when called upon he is there for the side.

Thiago is clearly pressing well as no other player in his position has recovered more balls in the opponent’s half.

Another interesting stat shows that Thiago is averaging more interceptions.


One area that needs to be pointed out however is Thiago often loses the ball and causes Liverpool to come under pressure. He is averaging more ball loses that lead to opponent’s shooting than any player in his position in the league. This has been his downfall this season. Overall, Thiago has been excellent. He is excelling in more areas than any other player in his position but he needs to be a little less careless on the ball.

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