Some of the best books written about Liverpool FC

The literary works discussed in our latest post will see you learn so much about Liverpool FC.

From achievements to tragic losses to iconic moments, Liverpool has given authors plenty of history to draw on. In that case, we have outlined some of the best books written about Liverpool FC in no particular order for you to enjoy whenever you like.

The good thing about these books is that they are suitable for any football lover. Whether you are just a fan who likes predicting match outcomes on sites like Lottoland Football or a staunch Liverpool follower, these books may just be what you need to glean precious insights about Liverpool FC from renowned authors, journalists, and former players.

1.   My Story by Steven Gerrard

Published in 2006, My Story is an autobiography of Steven Gerrard, an individual considered to be among the most influential Liverpool players of the past two decades. This autobiography is a must-read if you wish to know a little more about the longest-serving Liverpool captain, as it discusses his story both on and off the field.

In My Story, Steven Gerrard comes off as brutally honest when discussing the “Miracle of Istanbul”, during the 2004-2005 Champions League final, where Liverpool made a massive comeback against AC Milan.

He also talks about lows like when he failed to control our routine bus from Mamadou Sakho, against Chelsea, diminishing Liverpool’s chances of the Premier League Cup.

Besides, he narrates a particularly interesting story of his rise to Liverpool’s first team, some of the great players he played with and against, England’s golden generation, and the managers he played for.

2.   A Season on the Brink by Guillem Balague

A whole chapter of this book recounts Rafael Benitez’s incredible tale of how he turned the Reds into European champions in his first season as head coach. Benitez came from Valencia to take over Liverpool in 2004, a period when the Reds struggled to maintain consistent results.

Liverpool returned from a 3-0 deficit, sending them to a penalty shootout that saw them win the Champions League title against AC Milan.

This book is particularly ideal for Liverpool fans who love to reminisce about the club’s remarkable events.

3.   Shankly: My Story by Bill Shankly

This autobiography of Bill Shankly was written when his mind was in turmoil. It is a must-read for the Reds supporters and football fans out there as it recounts Shankly’s relationship with Liverpool fans and feelings about his life at Anfield.

In the autobiography, Shankly also talks about the players he nurtured as a manager, as well as the stories of him growing up in a small pit village in Scotland, winning the FA Cup, and representing his country as a footballer.

4.   44 Years with the Same Bird by Brian Reade

This book will take you on an emotional yet nostalgic journey through Brian Reade’s love affair with Liverpool FC. Brian Reade is an award-winning journalist and Liverpool lifelong supporter, and in this book, he tells fascinating tales about dealing with Liverpool’s past glories, losses, and rather humorous moments he experienced supporting the club.

The book also details Brian’s relationship with his family members, particularly his brother, as well as his journalistic career.

From Liverpool’s first FA Cup in 1965 to fascinating tales about the likes of Kenny Dalglish, Bill Shankly, and Bob Paisley, this book is often described as a Liverpool supporters’ bible.

5.   Secret Diary of a Liverpool Scout by Simon Hughes

Within the pages of this book lies fascinating tales of Geoff Twentyman, a Liverpool player turned chief scout from 1959 to 1984.

Bill Shankly appointed Twentyman to the Boot Room team in 1959, and since then, he went ahead to unearth great talents like Ian Rush, Alan Hansen, Steve Nicol, and Terry McDermott. These players played a huge role in making Liverpool one of the greatest teams in European football.

In his 25 years as Liverpool’s chief scout, Twentyman’s duties primarily revolved around driving up and down the country writing reports about young and upcoming talents.


Those are just a few of the best books written about Liverpool FC. There are more. Please let us know the books you think should have been included in this list in the comment section. Also, tell us if you’d like us to review any of these books further.

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