Is Liverpool Vs Manchester United the biggest rivalry in English football?

The two heavyweights clash on Sunday in a must win for both teams.

Credit: Getty Images

This Sunday, Liverpool play Manchester United at Anfield, which will be a footballing spectacle.

United are on top form, and are the dark horses in the Premier League title race.

Liverpool, on the other hand have been inconsistent, but can still qualify for the Champions League.

In a bitter rivalry that has lasted decades, we ask is Liverpool Vs Manchester United the biggest in English football?

For one, the two clubs are the most successful clubs in English history, winning 39 titles between them.

Also, never has a player been transferred from one club to another, all because of the rivalry.

In fact, in recent times, only two players have played for both clubs: Paul Ince and Michael Owen.

The rivalry goes deeper than football, with the two cities of Manchester and Liverpool being at odds with one another for centuries.

Other rivalries that get mentioned are; Arsenal/Spurs, Manchester United/Leeds and of course, Liverpool/Everton.

Yet, the Liverpool Vs Manchester United rivalry is the biggest because both clubs have dominated English football in the past 50 years.

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