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How Liverpool Football Club’s value ranks in comparison to its Premier League counterparts

Liverpool is one of the most famous and recognizable football clubs in the world.

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Liverpool Football Club is one of the most famous and recognizable football clubs in the world.

It’s ingrained with history, success, and above all emotion.

Some of the attributes like feelings, emotions, and traditions that make Liverpool such a special club are abstract cannot be measured.

However, the monetary value attached to the club can be measured – and that’s why we have decided to take a look Liverpool’s valuation in relation to its Premier League counterparts.

All of the figures cited are sourced from Sportico (a sports business site).

Sportico previously estimated Liverpool’s value at around valued Liverpool Football Club at $4.7 billion (roughly £3.8bn).

Now comparing Liverpool’s value to all the other 19 clubs in England’s topflight, the Anfield club is only behind Manchester United’s whopping $5.95bn (roughly £4.8bn).

It is likely the legacy of Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill, who revolutionized the footballing world in terms of commercializing a football club through merchandise and globalization.

A diagram showing EPL Teams by revenue. As one can see, Manchester United are starting to fall behind their rivals for total revenue. Image Credits: 

However, if Manchester United’s on the pitch woes continue unchecked – then the off-pitch finances will no doubt suffer.

Manchester City arrive in 3rd place with $4.43bn (roughly £3.5 bn), with Pep Guardiola’s stranglehold on the Premier League title no doubt boosting the value of the club.

Arsenal ($3.6/£2.9 bn), Chelsea ($3.4/£2.7 bn), and Tottenham Hotspur ($3.1/£2.6 bn) round up the ‘top six’ suggesting, that the top six is indeed an actually a phenomenon.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Bournemouth are the lowest valued team in the Premier League with an estimation of $145 million (roughly £118 mn).

This makes their 15th place finish in last year’s campaign even more impressive.

Nottingham Forest ($160/£130 mn), Brentford ($200 mn/£163), and Brighton and Hove Albion ($235/£192 mn) round out the bottom four Premier League clubs with the least value.

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