Hey Jude – Why Liverpool must secure this signing

Reds, Madridstas and a few other football fans had long been waiting for the merest of hints of the players next destination.

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Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote “you’re waiting for someone to perform with, and don’t you know that it’s just you, hey Jude, you’ll do”.

Jude Bellingham will more than do. Reds, Madridstas and a few other football fans have long been waiting for the merest of hints of the players next destination. Agents Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold did nothing to quell the constant speculation that had linked Bellingham to Liverpool Football Club.

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Would FSG pay for Bellingham?

But the ‘pursuit’ of Bellingham posed a wider question for Liverpool fans, not just for this player, but others. FSG are seeking further investment at minimum, the club could also possibly be sold, so will the owners continue to enhance the squad?

With the asking price for Borussia Dortmund’s number 22 being muted at over £100 million, would FSG break the habit of a lifetime and outlay a vast sum of money while they are looking to sell the club? File that thought under fragile hope.

With no asset to sell, only players to gently show the door while totting up the salary savings, it’s fanciful to suggest that Dortmund’s prized asset would arrive on Merseyside with FSG deploying their typical transfer strategy.

What signing Bellingham would have meant

But there was hope. Should John Henry and co have landed Bellingham and enhanced the squad, it could signal to any potential suitors that the squad has been enhanced, the club’s future is being taken seriously. Marry this with long-term contracts for star players, a new training ground and improvements to Anfield, and any purchase starts to stack up. Landing England’s stand-out player in Qatar would be the ultimate form of window dressing.

And let’s be honest, the club needs to land a transfer of that magnitude. The midfield needed revitalising, the players need the competition for places and the manager needs to feel like he’s being backed again.

So even if a new buyer has not been found right now, no harm will have been done by capturing a genuine talent. It enhances the FSG’s investment and energises the playing staff.

FSG will continue to invest, it makes sense. But with Julian Ward set to leave only months after Michael Edwards, these were unsettled times for Liverpool. The very people capable of completing a deal of such magnitude have thrown their employers a curveball.

But what is football without hope, without dreams? The Kop in full voice over their new star player, the English player returning to these shores, bossing the turf of Anfield. Imagine…

Madrid calling Jude

Alas, it was not to be. Despite reports from credible sources that Liverpool were in contact with the Englishman, Jude Bellingham did not arrive at Merseyside. Instead, it was Real Madrid who paid around £88m to Dortmund to sign the midfield superstar.

It hasn’t all turned out bad news for Liverpool fans. Because the club shifted focus very quickly and signed Hungarian international Dominik Szoboszlai instead. And the former RB Leipzig star has taken to the English Premier League in impressive fashion – softening the blow of not missing Bellingham.

Nevertheless, even in his short time at Madrid, Jude Bellingham has proven to the world that he’s already one of the best in the world in his position. And that’s why Liverpool fans will always rue missing out on the Birmingham born star.

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