Four players who have played for both Liverpool and Manchester United

Who has played for both Liverpool and Manchester United?

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A bitter rivalry continues between two of England’s biggest and trophy-healthy clubs, with this Sunday another chapter in the ever-growing novel.

The rivalry began during the Industrial revolution, where the men then began to settle the tension on the field, rather than in the factories.

Yet, there are still players that have represented both clubs during their playing careers.


Tom Chorlton

The man who made history was Tom Chorlton as he became the first of many players to play for both of England’s biggest clubs.

Chorlton spent most of his beginning years at Anfield struggling to cement himself in the team and only managed 117 appearances across eight years.

At one point in his Liverpool career, he was the club’s first-choice penalty taker which scored him his only goals (8) during his time.

More interestingly, Chorlton’s switch from Liverpool to Manchester United was direct, yet he only managed 4 appearances for Liverpool’s hostile rivals.


Peter Beardsley

Beardsley is an unorthodox one as he failed to make an appearance in his one-year spell at Manchester United.

He was, however, more important for Liverpool as the English forward made 131 appearances and scored a total of 46 goals for the Merseyside club.

Annoyingly for Liverpool supporters, Beardsley is also known for his stint at Everton.

Despite being a Kop favourite during his time at Anfield as he scored 59 times for the Reds, it’s safe to say now he’s not a likeable character amongst Liverpool households.


Paul Ince

Paul Ince has previously said that Manchester United are a bigger club than Liverpool, despite playing for both clubs during his career.

A highly controversial transfer saw him join Manchester United for £1million, where he went on to play a whopping 206 times.

But Alex Ferguson’s temper-fuelled relationship with Ince meant that a new challenge abroad in Italy awaited Ince with open arms.

In July 1997, Ince returned to England to join Liverpool, with fans of his new club indecisive over the decision.

Ince failed to win any silverware during his time at Anfield, but still contributed to 14 over two campaigns of Premier League football.


Michael Owen

Ballon d’Or winner Michael Owen scored an impressive 158 goals in 297 games for the Reds in his seven years at the club.

Known as one of the best strikers in the world at that time, he won the UEFA Cup, the FA Cup and two League Cups.

He began his illustrious career at Liverpool, and he attempted to re-join them on multiple occasions, with hopes that his poor time in Spain could be put behind him.

Despite the attempts, Liverpool failed to match Newcastle’s offer, where he offered his services for four years.

In 2009, the world saw him join rivals Manchester United after they had lost Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez.

He was part of the triumphant United side that won the League Cup in 2010 and the Premier League in 2011 but still to this day wished he was playing in a different shade of red.

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