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Carragher: “I have no regrets about the timing of my retirement, but there is one thing…”

The ex-Liverpool man has been speaking on the Aldo Meets Podcast

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Jamie Carragher spent 16 years at Anfield, playing 737 games and collecting numerus trophies along the way including winning the Champions League in 2005.

A certified Liverpool legend, the one title that eluded Carragher and indeed Liverpool Football Club was the Premier League title.

In fact, by the time Carragher retired in 2013, Liverpool had not captured the league title since 1989-90, back when it was still called the old First Division.

Fast-forward to a year later and Brendan Rogers’ Liverpool were in the driving seat in a Premier League title race.

Steven Gerrard’s infamous slip during a match against Chelsea at Anfield led to a loss that put an end to their challenge, and Carragher claimed he may have had some say in that contest.

“I have no regrets about the timing of my retirement, but there is one thing I would have liked to do in the season after I retired and that’s play the second half of the Chelsea game,” said Carragher on the Aldo Meets Podcast (Hosted by former Liverpool striker John Alridge).

“That’s the one game I look at think I could have made a difference. I was nowhere near my peak at the age of 35, but I’d loved to have played that second half.”

“I have played at Anfield so many times attacking The Kop and even if you are not creating chances, you just keep doing the right things and something opens up, it just does,” Carragher maintained.

“We didn’t do that in the second half against Chelsea and I just wonder whether I could have brought something to that game if I was out there.”

“We started to panic in that game, having shots from long distance. Stevie’s (Gerrard) head had gone a little bit, (Luis) Suarez was gone and everything just seemed to go out the window.”

Although that fateful day at Chelsea was not the sole reason why Liverpool ended up losing the title that season, it was a big blow mentally for the squad.

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